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This is a free course because we want to transfer knowledge to the community, therefore we feel that information should be free and accessible. This is our way of giving back, and as a result make communities safer, with more knowledgeable and responsible firearm owners.
This course will teach you how to properly handle your firearm in various environmental scenarios. Course will begin with a brief lecture, but most of this course will have practical applications. Attendees will also learn how to properly clean and maintain their firearm.




This 1 day course will teach you how to successfully clear malfunctions under duress, while getting effective hits on targets. You will also learn how to effectively use cover and/or concealment, as well as how to get your firearm back in the fight with one handed techniques. Instructors will run you through safe transitions around barriers while getting effective hits on target. Instructors will run you through various drills and techniques, that will increase your shooting times while maintaining accuracy and proficiency.  



This 1 day course, will license attendees that successfully pass the Enhanced Carry course for the State of Tennessee. We recommend the Enhanced Concealed Carry License over the basic online license (and/or) constitutional carry because both will only be recognized within the state of Tennessee, meaning if you travel outside the state of TN your license will not be recognized by that state, which at that time could potentially put you in possession of an illegal firearm.




This 1 day course will test your cognitive ability to quickly assess a threat and stop it; while shooting from unconventional positions, unstable terrain, from cover and concealment. Instructors will teach you how to fight and survive with your pistol. Participants will engage in tactical reloads while under duress, with your left and right hand, under timed simulations. You will also clear malfunctions while on the move, as you quickly and proficiently deal with multiple threats.



Image by Maxim Potkin

This 1 day course is an intro to basic pistol fundamentals while focusing on firearm safety. A few objectives for this course is to teach attendees how to perfect the system they are operating. Instructors will cover a functioning stance, grip, sight picture, and trigger control with dry fire drills as a warm up. We want students to master the handling of their firearm, so you can learn what your capabilities are and try improve them. Drills will also consist of identifying a threat as well as moving while keeping your firearm safely presented. We will also discuss proper maintenance in this course. The most skilled shooter can make mistakes, therefore firearm safety will be maintained at all times.



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