Our mission is to provide a top tier, global concierge private security solution that protects your quality of life, so you can freely live yours. By providing you with peace of mind allowing you to focus on being safe, happy, and productive.

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  • Personal Drivers

  • Cleaning Services 

  • Sensitive documents & currency transport

  • Pet care

  • Oversee authorized personnel entering residence, property, or business for various services

  • Licensed massage therapists

  • Nationally certified athletic & fitness trainers

  • Nationally certified Yoga, Barre & Pilates instructors

  • Project Management: (personnel & staffing options)

  • Preparedness Travel Planning

  • Domestic & International detail

  • High-net worth & high profile individuals

  • Fortune 500 Senior-level executives 

  • Sport franchises & organizations: team owner(s), executives & coaches

  • Educational Institutions

  • Media Networks

  • Record Labels Executives

  • Real Estate: agencies and/or agents

  • Law Firms: associates, partners, and/or clients

  • Properties: commercial & residential developments

  • Austere, hostile & maritime locations

  • Political Figures: local, state, & federal

  • Religious & Non-Profit Organizations (501c3's)

  • Security Consulting & Property Audit Risk Analysis  

  • Hidden cameras & mic detection

  • Witness Protection & Private Investigation

  • Drone surveillance

  • Cyber security

  • Structural security 


KaJor Group provides services to benefit our clientele on multiple levels by creating methods that allow them to flourish in any environment. We provide peace of mind so our clients can focus on the task at hand. Our extensive military and law-enforcement experience, knowledge, and resources allow us to exceed industry standards, servicing high-net-worth individuals and corporate executives. We understand that the provision of an elite level of services depends on our ability to observe, listen, and learn the specific needs of our clients. Therefore, our agents work attentively to ensure that the standards set forth meet or exceed expectations.

  • Enhance & protect the quality of life, so you can freely live yours

  • Concierge service with an in-house security solution to improve productivity for the client 

  • Gain a clear understanding of client’s needs, scheduling, habits, interests, likes & dislikes

  • Trained & vetted agents with full background checks & drug tests

  • Agents that provide various layers of security: Drivers coordinate all logistical movement. No 3rd party vendors such as limo, lift, uber, or taxi services due to safety precautions. KaJor Group will access all means of ground travel via rental, company vehicle, or our associated partners 

  • Agents are first aid & Stop the Bleed trained: knowledge of clients’ allergens & blood type for emergencies, IFAK’s (Individual First Aid Kits) provided for clients

  • Client anonymity: This increases the trust between you as the principal & assigned agent(s), allowing our clients to have full confidence knowing that their privacy is very sensitive & important to us. All agents are held to the highest standard & are required to complete Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • Methods that not only protect but defend life

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