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In Weapons Disarmament you will pick up where you left off in our Survive the Fight course. Continuing to add layers of self-defense, Weapons Disarmament trains you to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. The key to defending yourself against an armed attacker is mindset and movement. Action is always faster than reaction, therefore you will be put in vulnerable positions but throughout the training you will gain a focus and understanding of ground fighting that will build confidence in you. This is important to train in these disciplines because it allows you to excel in situations where most people panic and when we panic, we make mistakes. “Be for Peace if Peace is Possible, but Fight like you Train and Train for that 1%”

Respectfully KaJor Group! 


Gear List:

  • Mouthpiece: (optional) for custom mouthpiece's please email us

  • Comfortable Shoes

  • Comfortable Clothes

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